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1.Hotel investment consultant
Market Research
Hotel Orientation and Service function planning
Feasibility Studies
Business Mode Orientation & Analysis
Operation & Management Consultant
Revenue Forecast & Financial Analysis
Investment Return Profit Analysis
Risk Analysis & Protection
UHC perspective:
Avoid risks even more important than good idea
2.Hotel Design Consultant
Hotel Function Definition
Hotel Floor Plan
Architectural Design Concept & Requirement
Garden Design Concept & Requirement
Interior Decoration Design Concept & Requirement
Equipment Design Concept & Requirement
Hotel VI System Design Concept & Requirement
Design Requirement for Hotel Star-Rating
Hotel Investment Estimation
Hotel Design Management
UHC perspective:Useful good looking
3.Hotel Construction Consultant
Construction Schedule & Management
Design Scheme Adjustment & Practice Supervision
Equipment Selection & Purchasing Consultant
Power-Saving Design & Optimization
Construction Site Management
Construction QC & Acceptance
Construction File System & Supervision
UHC perspective:Time is money, money is time.
More wastes almost comes from the worse project management
4.Hotel Financing Consultant
Hotel Investment Return Profit Analysis
Construction Periods Cash-Float Analysis
Construction Periods Financing Control Schedule
Pre-Opening Financing Planning
Policy & Evade Taxes Programs Design
After-opening Financing & Withdrawing Programs Design
UHC perspective:No enough capitals will lead to huge waste. Never forget to return on the investment
5.Hotel Management Consultant
Hotel Pre-Opening & Opening Ceremony Planning
Hotel Management System Build Up & Optimization
Hotel Service Standards Build Up & Optimization
Hotel Human Resource Build Up & Optimization
Hotel Sales & Marketing System Build Up & Optimization
Hotel Star-Rating Planning & Proceeding
Local Management Team & Staff Training
International Hotel Chains Negotiation
Excellent Catering & Entertainment Brand Company Recommending
Long Terms of Owner’s Consultant
UHC perspective:Grasping Marketing Prevent entrusted with the management of risk
6.Ownership Hotel Operating & Consultant
Ownership Hotel Developing Environment Research
Ownership Hotel Market Research
Ownership Hotel Feasibility Studies
Ownership Hotel Handling Planning
Ownership Hotel Sold Agent
Ownership Hotel Withdrawing Planning
UHC perspective:Ownership Hotel=Enticing Stinky Tofu
7.Tour Real Estate Design Consultant
Tour Real Estate Resource Analysis & Conformity
Tour Real Estate Planning Design
Tour Real Estate Sales & Marketing Plan
Tour Real Estate Investment Profit Analysis
UHC perspective:Tourism environments go first then build real estate to make money.
8.Hot-spring Resort Planning Consultant
Hot-spring Resource Analysis
Market Research
Function Planning
Hot-spring Theme to Design
Hot-spring Floor Plan
Hot-spring Design Guide & Optimization
Hot-spring Equipment Design & Optimization
Hot-spring Construction Technology Consultant
Hot-spring Management Strategic Plan
Hot-spring Sales & Marketing Strategic Plan
UHC perspective:To get good return control of Hot-spring resources is a priority
9.Limited Service Hotel Chains Planning & Operations consultant
Limited Service Hotel Chains Development of the status and development trend of research analysis at home and abroad
Limited service hotel chains planning development strategies
Limited service hotel chains investment feasibility study
Limited service hotel chains operation program planning projects
Limited service hotel chain’s flagship hotel design guidance
Limited service hotel chain planning and financing options recommended strategic investors
Limited service hotel chains business cooperation
10.Large enterprises groups plate hotel development strategic planning consultant
Large enterprise groups plate hotel development strategy consulting
Large enterprise groups hotel assets operating strategy consulting
Hotel parts of the City centre Large-scale integrated real estate development strategy consulting
Hotel parts of the suburban areas Large-scale integrated real estate development strategy consulting
Large-scale real estate tourism area real estate development strategy consulting
11.Comprehensive land development strategy and the feasibility study
Comprehensive real estate development strategy and the feasibility study
Comprehensive real estate projects resources analysis
Comprehensive real estate projects strategy of developing consulting
Comprehensive real estate projects orientation planning
Comprehensive real estate projects and market feasibility research
Comprehensive real estate projects sales program
Comprehensive real estate projects analysis of return on investment and financial feasibility study
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